Sat Mar 25, 2017 9:00am – 2:00pm

Express Trak

Sponsored by: WBDC

Gain access to influential business faculty and enjoy opportunities to network with other small business owners. Each Express Trak Program is comprised of three or more workshops designed with a specific focus/track.

Workshop 1:
Customer Engagement in the Digital World:
The Changing Consumer Experience

Learn how to upgrade your business through digital technology!

Understand the trends that drive today’s online shopping experience and learn how to change with consumers.  Gain valuable perspective on how they have become more discerning and price sensitive as well as more demanding and less brand loyal.  This dynamic program is a don’t-miss opportunity to transform your business!

Topics Include:
Ecommerce Trends
Advanced Technology
Today’s Buying Habits

Workshop 2:
Digital Success:
Improving Your Online Marketing Results

Unlock the secret to defining and managing your social media goals and get simple tips for your website and social media marketing efforts.

Increase traffic to your website, generate qualified leads at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods and build important relationships with your audience.  This valuable program simplifies the seemingly complex digital world and gives you the tools to improve your online marketing more effectively.

Topics Include:
Internet Marketing
Online Targeting
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Implementation

Workshop 3:
Using Social Media:
Building a Social Business Agenda

Gain a greater competitive advantage by learning how to create your own social business agenda.

Learn how, what and why social media is accelerating at a blinding pace and its effects on driving business.  Social Business Evangelist, Sandy Carter, takes you beyond the early days of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to understand how harnessing social tools can make your small business more efficient. 

Topics Include:
Social Techniques
Increasing Productivity
Enhancing Innovation
Reducing Costs
Becoming a Social Business

Admission: Free
Millford Public Library
57 New Haven Avenue
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