Mon Jun 19, 2017 11:00am – 7:00pm

Harcourt Wood Memorial Birthday Celebration

Sponsored by: Derby Public Library

The Library will be decorated with flowers in compliance with Colonel H. Holton Wood’s request, which he made at the dedication of the Library in 1902.  At that time he asked that flowers be placed throughout the Library every year on the birth date of his son.  His request has been honored ever since.  Several years ago, the Library also added the tradition of commemorating this special day with a birthday cake.  This time honored tradition has become well know over the years, not only throughout the Valley, but well beyond.  It has been written about in the New York Times.

A memorial plaque in Harcourt’s memory is displayed at the front entrance of the Library.  The public is invited to visit throughout the day for cake and to learn more about the history of the Library.

Admission: Free
Derby Public Library
313 Elizabeth Street
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