Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Clean Up Your Facebook Feed

Sponsored by: Cloud Media Marketing

Are you tired of getting a notification every time someone comments on a post you commented on?

Are you tired of seeing the same boring trending news?

Are you tired of missing out on posts from the people you actually want to see?

You can clean up your feed and fix all of these issues and more. I’ll show you how in 30 minutes or less, for free.

The Plan
We will begin with a quick tour of your Facebook newsfeed so everyone will be on the same page. Kayleigh will show you how to curate your feed so that you get the notifications you want, stop the ones you don’t, and make Facebook more fun.

Ask any questions you have about Facebook during this meetup and I will do my best to answer them. We can talk about the basics and about how to make your feed work for you as a communications tool both personally and professionally. 

Location, Location, Location
For this talk, we will meet in the larger Chamber conference room. They have a large TV up front. Feel free to bring your laptop or mobile device to follow along on your own newsfeed.

What’s In It For You
You will leave this chat with a better understanding of how the Facebook newsfeed works and be able to utilize it better on behalf of yourself and/or your business or organization. You will also have fun!

Real Deal
My name is Kayleigh, and I have a small business called Cloud Media Marketing, a social media and digital marketing consultant. I love talking about social media and sharing my passion with others. I have found that having conversations with all sorts of people not only makes me happy, but it also give me a better understanding of the topic. I am really looking forward to having a productive and fun discussion!

We will have people from all different skill and experience levels attending. You will fit right in!

Admission: Free
Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce
10 Progress Drive 2nd Floor
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