Fri Jan 18 – Fri May 10, 2019 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Adult Intermediate Drop In Tap Classes with Alexis Robbins

Sponsored by: Alexis Robbins

This class is great for the advanced beginner looking for a challenge to the strong intermediate tap dancer. We will work on several different combinations of toe drops, heel drops, cramp rolls, shuffles, flaps, para-diddles, and more. We will practice moving between musical subdivisions and play with odd meters. We will discuss music theory and how tap dance is percussion. We will create time steps, learn choreography, as well as learn traditional dances such a the Shim Sham and BS Chorus. And of course - we will improvise and tap into our inner jazz musicians. All in a judgement free zone!

Admission: $10
NLTN Holistic Personal Training in Erector Square
315 Peck Street, Erector Square
New Haven
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