Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:00pm – 9:00pm

Charity dinners at the Whistle Stop Cafe

Sponsored by: Whistle Stop Cafe

World Toilet Day.
The ecology of the Sanctuary’s beaver ponds are a breathtaking & amazing sight. Beavers are nature’s premiere water engineers and their work connects water to itself, allowing for environmental regeneration & healing. Our goat Maxine enjoying the peaceful water world in the Sanctuary forest.
Give a Crap!
“I am a cook. Food can transport you. Memories, smells, colors, textures, flavors, seasonings, temperatures. Travel the world on a single plate… I love this life.” – Hedy Watrous / Owner, Whistle Stop Cafe
Water is Life – World Toilet Day Celebration
To celebrate World Toilet Day on November 19th, the delightful Whistle Stop Cafe is holding a fundraiser for a community water resource project at the Sanctuary.
This project will include a composting toilet, solar shower and outdoor kitchen for community gatherings; showcasing design and building techniques supporting self-sufficiency, eco-system harmony and unfolding wholeness.
“Water is our most precious resource, actually a sacred substance. Conventional toilets are just one environmental problem with our disastrous waste water treatment systems. A composting toilet, which wastes no water and recycles humanure to earth to promote soil fertility, is the toilet of the future.” – Jen Taylor, Executive Director of the Sanctuary
Guitar / Accordian Gypsy Jazz Duo Hans Lohse & Justin Good
Guests will enjoy a family style PoPo Platter prepared by water activist, cooking yogini and Whistle Stop Cafe owner Hedy Watrous, including soup, vegetarian world foods & a warm crisp dessert. Outdoor dining near fire pits, so dress to be cozy.
Live music by Nuages & Thankful Vanessa!
Limited seating. Tickets below.
Doorway to the Eco Temple Composting Toilet, nestled in the trees near the yurt. Built by Green Architect Hans Lohse using the principles of Unfolding Wholeness.
Sunday, November 19th
Tickets $35/person
Two Seatings:
5-7 PM / First Seating
7-9 PM / Second Seating
(Reserve below or call 860.319.1134 or 860.304.1917 Hedy, 860.526.4122 Whistle Stop Cafe)
At the Whistle Stop Cafe
108 Main Street, Deep River

Admission: $35
Whistle Stop Cafe
108 main st
Deep River
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