Tue Jun 12, 2018 6:00pm – 7:00pm

Compost Workshop

Sponsored by: New Haven Land Trust

Are you thinking about composting? Do you buy compost every year to amend your garden? Have you started “composting,” but just have a pile of veggie scraps or leaves sitting in your backyard? Do you want to compost but don’t know if you have the time, space or knowledge?

Domingo Medina is a UCONN Master Composter and the owner of Peels and Wheels Composting (https://pwcomposting.com ) and will be discussing the ins and outs of composting, its fundamental principles and why it’s so important given the impact waste has on our environment. You will hear the science, learn about the process, and the core skills and techniques that can enable you to start the process of composting at home. Already an expert composter? You can still come and learn something new about the health of the soil you make or even share some of your own experience.

Admission: Free
The Grove
760 Chapel Street
New Haven
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