Sun Sep 10, 2017 12:25pm

CPC Goatville Worship

Sponsored by: Christ Presbyterian Church

The Goatville service is seeking to bring those who feel
outside of the “traditional” church community into her
midst in a way that expresses who they are. The name is
strange, but it says a lot about our community! Goatville
was the name of part of the East Rock neighborhood in
the 1880s because of the number of goats who broke free
from their fences (as goats tend to do!) and wandered the
neighborhood. We adopted the name because that is
where this community was born. We’ve come to love the
name, not only for its quirky sound, but for the imagery it
evokes - the rural within the urban, the outsider brought
within. In fact, CPC’s historic building once bore the
nickname “the gate house” because it stood at the
intersection of rural and urban New Haven. While many
people feel the need to conform to a stereotypical “sheep”
image, we are safe to be “goats” as we come to God
honestly, in light of the incredible grace and restoration of
the gospel! We are all in great need of redemption, even
deserving of God’s wrath; BUT in Christ we have the grace
and courage to face those truths and receive mercy.

Admission: Free
Christ Presbyterian Church
135 Whitney Ave
New Haven
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