Fri Feb 8, 2019 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Hot Topics in the NHPS Who Can Serve on the Board of Education

Sponsored by: NHPS Advocates

* What is the current composition of the Board of Education?
* How are appointed candidates selected?
* Who can run for one of the elected seats and what is the process?
* What perspectives, experiences, and expertise should be represented on the Board, in order to serve all of our children?

Get answers and share your ideas! Meet families, students, educators, and community members, including some who have applied for one of the two currently open appointed seats. This is a friendly, educational event to help us all better understand the role of the Board in our community and learn how all of us can contribute to its work on behalf of our children.

Bring your questions, friends, and a snack to share. Kids welcome!

Admission: Free
First & Summerfied United Methodist Church
425 College St.
New Haven
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