Thu Nov 16, 2017 1:00pm – 2:00pm

How to Manage a Healthy Business in any Business Climate

Sponsored by: Greater New Haven Chamber and Quinnipiac Chamber

Managing a business successfully is the key to its establishment and growth. The key to successful management rests in a person’s ability to examine the external marketplace, assess his or her company’s internal capabilities, and make decisions that create opportunities for growth and financial viability.

Successful organizational management can be misunderstood and sometimes poorly implemented, primarily because leaders focus on the output rather than the process of management. To run a thriving business, leaders must understand all the stakeholders involved and their varied points of view, and draw on their own knowledge, creativity, and analysis…being careful to adapt business strategies when needed.

During this one-hour discussion, panelists will provide insight, trends, and tips on how they managed internal and external environments while making short-term & long-term decisions.

Admission: Free Admission
Toyota Oakdale Theatre
95 S Turnpike Road
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