Sat Jul 28 – Sun Jul 29, 2018 7:30pm – 3:30pm

Lay Me Down Softly

Sponsored by: Connecticut Irish Theater Troupe

The Connecticut Irish Theater Troupe Presents
“Lay Me Down Softly”, Written by Billy Roche,
Directed by Karl Ryan.
A funny, bittersweet tale of love and pugilism.
HAMDEN, CT June 4th - The Connecticut Irish Theatre Troupe announces its annual drama presentation, “Lay Me Down Softly”, written by Billy Roche. The play will run on July 28th at 7:30 PM and July 29thth at 3 PM at Whitneyville Cultural Commons, 1253 Whitney Ave., Hamden, CT.
Roche’s play, set somewhere in 1960’s Ireland, brings us to Delaney’s Traveling Roadshow. It tours the Irish countryside with bumper cars, bearded ladies, rifle ranges and the main attraction: the boxing ring. The story tells of the denizens of the old-fashioned fighting tent which invites all comers to fight for a prize. The world is leather, sweat and hard punches. But in this world of reminiscences and dreams, a mysterious beauty arrives with ties to their past. The gloves come off and the boys come out swinging.
Dublin born Karl Ryan, well known and long respected as an exceptional actor and director in local Irish drama circles, brings his cerebral understanding of Irish social interaction to a very talented and well experienced group of actors.
Lay Me Down Softly is the honest, struggling, everyman fighter with a hint of the Rocky Balboa about it; an everywhere and nowhere-set tale, where life is all about the fight and fighting is a way of life. Roche excels again in evoking a mood and period, slowly creating character studies as if for a group portrait in oils, or a sepia-tinted print.
The ICSA is a 501c(3) charitable organization aimed at maintaining and sharing our Irish culture and heritage and supporting other community groups in their endeavors.
For information or to purchase tickets, please contact Margaret at ph: (203) 675-6683, or e-mail: You can also purchase tickets online at our website or
Tickets are $20 ($15 for ICSA Club Members).
Brunch & Show tickets are $40 in partnership with The Playwright, Hamden for Sunday only.

Admission: 20
Whitneyville Cultural Commons
1253 Whitney Ave.
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