Thu Feb 7, 2019 4:30pm

“Mystical Narrative and Theological Poetics: The Literary Craft of the Zohar

Sponsored by: Yale University Program in Judaic Studies

Dr. Eitan Fishbane, author of “The Art of Mystical Narrative: A Poetics of the Zohar,” will discuss his newly released and critically acclaimed book, which argues for interpreting the Zohar as a literary work. His talk will be followed by a response from the MacArthur award-winning poet/translator/scholar, Peter Cole.

Dr. Fishbane’s book, which was published this November by the University of Oxford Press, is significant for many reasons, but most notably, it offers a critical approach to the Zoharic story, analyzing the interplay between fictional discourse and mystical exegesis.

In the study of Judaism, the Zohar has captivated the minds of interpreters for centuries, and continues to entrance readers in contemporary times. Yet despite these centuries of study, very little attention has been devoted to the literary dimensions of the text, or to formal appreciation of its status as one of the great works of religious literature.

Dr. Fishbane is an associate professor at The Jewish Theological Seminary.

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Whitney Humanities Center
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