Sat May 19, 2018 11:00am – 3:00pm

Parental Rights Rally

Sponsored by: American Liberty Center

Contact: Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh
Cell: 860-449-2007 EMAIL:


HARTFORD, CT - On Saturday, May 19th, 2018, from 11am until 3pm, diverse family protection organizations, faith leaders, legal advisors, medical experts, educators, citizens, and public officials will gather to address what is a pronounced increase of government overreach into the constitutional rights of parents across America.  Thus far, speakers include nationally and locally recognized experts: Media host and homeschool expert, Dr. Duke Pesta; public education expert Dr. Sandra Stotsky; Attorney Deborah Stevenson of National Home Education Legal Defense; Hal Shurteff of Camp Constitution; Pro-life activist Christina Marie Bennett; Family Institute Executive Director, Peter Wolfgang; Brian Camenker, Executive Director of Mass Resistance; Lynne Taylor the Common Core Diva; Anne Manusky of Child Abuse in the Classroom; and, Pastor Earl C. Wallace of Liberty Christian Fellowship Church.  Victim parents may also address the rally. 
Radio Host and Constitutional Conservative Activist, Lori Hopkins Cavanagh of the Lori on Liberty Show, and founder of the American Liberty Center, will host the event.  information on the current list of speakers is found here: 
This rally was organized, in part, as a response to the passage of Public Act 17-5 AN ACT CONCERNING THE PROTECTION OF YOUTH FROM CONVERSION THERAPY in Connecticut.
This law was passed without cause and without the knowledge or participation of parents and health care practitioners. It has the potential of inflicting widespread, irreparable, life threatening harm to minor children, against their parent’s wishes and without their consent. It also presents an unconstitutional legal quagmire that is not in the best interest of the peoples of the states. 
This law dangerously prohibits health practitioners from providing life sustaining, restorative healthcare to their clients. It prohibits the dissemination of scientifically proven and statistically factual information to parents and minor children, as to what is the safest, most natural path to sexual, physical and mental health.
This conversion therapy law is an example of extreme government overreach in response to a radical progressive propaganda movement that is an affront to nature, nature’s God, science, faith and truth. This law legalizes parental alienation and the child kidnapping of gender and sexually confused minors. 
Minor children are being subjected to ideologically extreme and gender and age inappropriate sex and social education in public schools through Common Core and ESSA initiatives that have failed our traditional morals and family values, and have proven to increase depression, sickness, promiscuity, violence, drug addiction, suicide and American genocide through abortion targeting minors and young adults. 
This rally seeks to increase awareness of the radical and dangerous social, political and sexual indoctrination of our children within the public school system and the anti-American ideology written into the Common Core curriculum and built into the Every Student Succeeds Act.  American Liberty Center plans to include speakers who can address other issues including; family court issues, mandatory vaccinations, parental registries, consent violations, medical kidnapping; and the rights of parents to arm and protect their families, are in the works.
“The right of parents to rear their minor children is a natural unalienable right which includes the right to follow family established morals and values in private, and without government overreach. Deeply rooted and proven successful, traditional and biblical morals and values are the foundation for our ‘Uniquely American Liberties’ and protected by both state and federal constitutions. Traditional American family values is being openly, unjustly, and dishonestly attacked and condemned in a manner that is bigoted, hateful and damaging to American society, and to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” said Lori Hopkins-Cavanagh, organizer of the rally.
American Liberty Center is a nonpartisan organization formed in November 2015 to identify and expose threats to our uniquely American liberties and to preserve our open and free society.

Admission: Free
Hartford Capitol North Steps
210 Capitol Avenue
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