Fri Apr 13, 2018 7:30pm – 9:30pm

Yale Concert Band presents mandolin concerto “From the Blue Ridge”

Sponsored by: Yale Concert Band

On Friday, April 13, at 7:30 p.m. in Yale University’s Woolsey Hall
(500 College St., New Haven), the Yale Concert Band (Thomas C. Duffy,
Music Director) will collaborate with several artists and ensembles to present a
Spring Concert featuring band music, both new and old.

•  The mandolin concerto From the Blue Ridge reflects composer and mandolin soloist Jeff Midkiff’s Virginia roots in a lively, sophisticated score with a strong bluegrass influence. Midkiff received the Yale Distinguished Music Educator award in 2017, and From the Blue Ridge has been widely performed, including at famous venues such as the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C.

•  The Fair Haven Middle School Band (Dan Kinsman, Director) will joint the Yale Concert Band to present the world premiere of Scalin’ and Wailin’, composed by Thomas C. Duffy and commissioned by the American Composers Forum’s BandQuest Project

•  Shakata: Singing the World into Existence is described by composer Dana Wilson as a “collective ritual,” inspired by the Australian Aboriginal belief that the land did not exist until their ancestors sang it into being; this evocative band composition calls for the musicians to speak and chant as well as playing their instruments, creating a distinctive sonic effect

•  Percy Grainger’s Bell-Piece is based on a simple melody by Renaissance composer John Dowland. Grainger was said to sing this melody every night in his later life, and reworked Bell-Piece repeatedly; he added a part written specifically for his wife, Ella, that will be performed here by the Yale Handbell Ensemble. YCB Music Director Thomas C. Duffy has reconstructed this edition of Bell-Piece from original materials acquired by the Band, seeking to perform this beautifully melodic piece as Grainger had intended it

Additional music: Gustav Holst’s First Suite in Eb and Mars: Bringer of War; world premiere of Don’t Be Evil (Ryan Lindveit).

Admission: Free
Woolsey Hall
500 College St
New Haven
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