Sun Nov 12, 2017 2:00pm

Yale Concert Band’s Matinee Mementos: Four Centuries of Musical Souvenirs

Sponsored by: Yale Concert Band

•  Intrada 1631 by Stephen Montague is inspired by South American liturgical music, particularly a 17th century liturgical chant written in Quechua, the native language of the Incas. The original processional has been expanded for the modern force of a brass choir and field drums, while still conveying the original hymn created by Juan Pérez Bocanegra.

•  Bernard Rogers finds extra-sonic inspiration for his seminal work Three Japanese Dances. Drawing from the art of Japanese wood block masters, Rogers creates a work that flourishes the rich colors of percussion while also featuring “the subtle art of omission”.

•  The contemplative mood of Give Us This Day was inspired by the philosophies of a Buddhist monk. David Maslanka meant for this piece to bring a moment of true awakeness and awareness to the audience, the first step for individual’s to take when beginning to build a future. It is a piece that is both “joyful” and “sternly sober,” befitting the difficulties and triumphs that come with any future.

•  At the time of her death in 1694, Henry Purcell created Funeral Music for Queen Mary. This English composer died not even a year later, and the same music was played at his funeral in Westminster Abbey. When Steven Stucky later transcribed the piece, he did so by altering the focus of the original composition, causing the audience’s view to pass through a “kaleidoscope of sounds,” creating new soundscapes that still maintain a strong connection to the past.

•  The Neighborhood Music School of New Haven, for the New Haven Middle School Wind Ensemble’s centennial, commissioned Century Shouts. With it dashes of Latin rhythms and melodies accompanied by metal and wood, Thomas C. Duffy created the piece as a reflection “of the city” as it moves.

•  Hands Across the Sea by John Philip Sousa has been the anthem of many overseas endeavors, where the United States has extended aid to neighbors across the sea.

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